Special guest star: Ronni Hawk as Rachel Diaz. Georgie tries an unsuccessful move to get lettuce for Harley which ends with her crashing into a box of pillows. I have no doubt that in the end, the two will find love and figure all the rest of this out. Just Say Yes Harley and Georgie bond together doing Double Dutch as they did when they were younger, using an invention Harley built after Rachel became boy-crazy, but when Georgie's response to a text from Wyatt leads him to come to the house to be with her, she pays more attention to him than to Harley. The first time they dated, Aidan broke up with Carrie when she confesses to sleeping with Mr. Big. Ethan hopes that Shane Coleman, the "zombie king", will view his horror film, and the Diaz family prepares a weekend premiere party for the occasion. Harley builds her snow machine and gives Rachel the opportunity to experience a ski vacation in the backyard; the two share a rare but brief sister bond, which ends when Rachel invites her friends over as well as Cuff. As Harley tries her virtual reality helmet in the attic, which is off-limits to the Diaz children, Lewie and Beast wonder what all the commotion is up there. Upon hearing about a birthday party being thrown for the grumpy resident Mr. Kibbenshaw, Suzy and Harley are not thrilled to be a part of it, but they arrange for the party to take place at the park. Tom has bought some ad time on television to promote his bait shop, but when Harley sees a commercial her father plans to submit, made eleven years ago, she feels embarrassed over what happened to her in the commercial and does not want everyone to see it. Guest stars: Gabriel Tigerman as Phil, Brooke Singleton as Girl. The Diaz family earns a free weekend vacation at Cannon Ball Cove after the waterpark installs Harley's "Dry-Through" invention for a test run. When they finally make it out of the attic, they are faced with a similar escape game put together by Suzy and Tom, which confines the children to the bedroom floor of their house. After Tom signs the papers transferring ownership, a serious mishap at the hands of Daphne, Lewie and Beast angers Mr. Pillman, who reveals his plan to build another yacht club where the Bait and Bite is standing. As she and Suzy spend time together as friends, the Diaz children notice radical changes, such as healthy food, limited television time and no dangerous objects, none of which suits them. Harley gets to appear on the television series Girl Power to highlight her accomplishments as an inventor. Not only is Rachel frightened by it, but she also hurts her leg and needs to go to the hospital. They send Daphne to camp with her brothers, attempting to get them to come inside. Guest star: Laird Macintosh as Troy Havana. This forces Harley to take Daphne trick-or-treating, but Daphne bails on her. She looks to Ethan for help and encouragement that they will make it to the park, but Georgie has a basketball game and Rachel is serving at a soup kitchen. 1 Season 1 Episode 8 Three's a Crowd 2 Season 1 Episode 9 The Turtle and the Hare 3 Season 1 Episode 11 The Drought 4 Season 1 Episode 12 Oh Come All Ye Faithful 5 Season 2 Episode 1 Take me out the Ballgame 6 Season 2 Episode 5 Four Women and a Funeral 7 Season 2 Episode 6 The Cheating Curve 8 Season 2 Episode 7 The Chicken Dance 9 Season 2 Episode 8 The Man, The Myth, The Viagra 10 … Guest stars: Olga Merediz as Abuela, Joshua Bassett as Aidan, Alana Baer as Chloe, Brandon Black as Greg. Tom tells them he sold the raft to Bai, whom he recognized in selfies Rachel posted online. Later, Suzy and Tom reveal that they are selling the Bait and Bite to Mr. Pillman, and the children are on board. Lewie and Beast play a game designed to annoy other family members and manage to recruit Rachel into playing, with the loser doing the winner's chores for a whole week, while Ethan uses his tech-free time as a magician but fails to impress Daphne, who stumps Ethan with her own magic. The school's dance squad is impressed by Georgie's dance moves, however, and so is Harley, who encourages her to join the squad. To ensure she gets the sweet seat, and as soon as her siblings become aware of what day it is, Harley urges them to stay quiet about it for the rest of the day and distract Suzy and Tom from remembering. Aidan Shaw is a love interest of Carrie Bradshaw. She finds a ring in his things, and accidentally insults Miranda who helped pick it out. With the help of her siblings, Harley comes up with a proposal to decide who gets the attic, and the children offer to clean out the attic as well. They change their mind after she proves she can deliver on those promises, which got fulfilled with her siblings' help. The Diaz family, including Harley, has a change of heart about Aidan afterward, and they attend his final lacrosse game of the season, in place of his father. Rachel uses a store camera to broadcast herself across Mega Mart and to The Squad. Ethan and Georgie decide to leave the dirtiest of the clothes for their mother, who later presents them the opportunity to volunteer at Golden Horizons, which they refuse. After Tom rescues the two girls, they witness the comet's passing. Rachel decides to spend time with her boyfriend Cuff after her volunteer work, despite her parents' admonitions. Ultimately, Harley discovers Phil's passion is to be an instructor for first-time drivers and encourages him to open his own driving school. Things start going more smoothly until Harley realizes the box containing her grand entrance plans fails to reach the venue. In the final scene, Harley and Georgie have an encounter with a boy named Aidan, whose ball was accidentally shot through their bedroom window. Georgie eventually gives up on sports altogether and wants to become a regular teenage girl, but Harley reminds her how much the sports get the family involved, despite how bad she is. Meanwhile, Georgie and Tom buy a game set which includes a pool table the children passed on to visit Abuela for Christmas, but they find out the product is defective. Suzy ends up driving the family to Boston. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Later, Harley and Ethan overhear Aidan talking to his father on the phone and understand he is feeling alone, so they invite him to their family game night. Meanwhile, Suzy and Ethan were intending to have the Bait and Bite closed for the day, but still end up dealing with a lot of customers. Unable to deal with the pressure of this responsibility, Georgie panics and Harley finds herself stepping into the job. Harley starts to realize she is liking her obnoxious neighbor, and it drives her to avoid him, even at places of interest to her like the science museum. Trey's MD tries to control Charlotte's reproductive zeal in light of the tough statistics of in vitro fertilization, and Charlotte looks into adopting a girl from China. When Ethan misses a movie date with Sophie, though, Harley wants him to show that he regrets it, but ends up regretting her part in helping him do so after Sophie is humiliated. She also finds out, from Daphne, that it is stashed in their bedroom closet, which is locked to the children. She wants to call it off, but Ethan encourages her to hold the sale and deliberately make it a failure. Though her slushinator is short-lived, her father commends her for not sinking his business and offers her the opportunity to continue working for him at the store. Georgie and Suzy set up at the venue for the quinceañera but struggle with putting the science-themed decorations together. When faced with resolving two problems her other siblings bring up—Ethan's struggles dating Chloe, and how Lewie and Daphne should handle Beast after he reveals the truth about Rachel's "blackmail book"—Harley winds up giving the wrong advice. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Harley figures out a way to make the playhouse safe but finds out it has been discarded, so she, Rachel and Georgie are looking for a store that sells the kind Daphne had. Harley and Rachel find a place to relax, taking over a cabana that another family gives up, while Georgie hesitates on trying the Doom Funnel ride, which Beast and Lewie are too short to try themselves. The twins get busted by Rodney for oversampling. Georgie finds herself distracted during the test after a boy gets her attention but she has no idea who. Title: Meanwhile, Rachel is teaching Daphne proper etiquette and dress for a birthday party she has been invited to, and while Daphne goes along with Rachel's advice at first, she comes to the party dressing and acting as herself.

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