In this one, Clark and Marty return home after a very long visit with Missie and Willie. Reviewed By: Stephanie F However, with God’s strength and some encouragement from Ma Graham, who also had children late in life, she soon overcomes her fears. The sets are obviously limited as some things take place off screen and some surroundings don’t really even capture what they’re meant to capture. Dale Midkiff is my favorite. She is determined to insulate herself from anymore heartache by taking care of her son Matty and by quietly settling into another teaching role. Reviewed By: Aurora P (no written review given), Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Enjoy the new installment based on the books of Janette Oke. This 5th installment, Love's Unending Legacy", reminds me so much of the original series. Date: Wednesday 06 March, 2013 Love’s Unending Legacy is wrought with bizarre lines, forced dialogue, and unrealistic happenings. Reviewed By: Roberto B Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!] Once you read it though you’ll understand. Date: Wednesday 30 May, 2007 (no written review given), Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD The movie was still good and opened up some new doors but it left me with a lot of unanswered questions. ( Log Out /  did anyone else see that? Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Todays entertainment has a lot to be desired. As far as Willie being written out of the series, it reminds me of those of us who have lost a loved one. I didn't think that the last book was exactly the same as the movie so I hope this one follows more closely if so I will be happy. I believe this story of the Old West ranks right up there with Lonesome Dove. But all- in all the movie was good.I just didn't understand Marty implies that she is pregnant, I didn't get if she was or not. I really would have liked to have seen more emotion from Missie and details of when his death happend. Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!] Reviewed By: Diane N Other actors and actresses are left looking robotic because of an obvious absence of coaching. Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] At first she thinks that she is tired from their long trip, she eventually discovers that at age forty-two. All I can say is I can't wait to watch the other ones from these series. Topics: Hallmark. He displays a very godly family man, of which there is such a shortage in our world. Copyright © 1999-2020 Christian Cinema, LLC All Rights Reserved. Date: Wednesday 26 September, 2012 I hope that this will help you. Love Enduring Promise One of the things that touches me the most in this series, "Love's Unending Legacy", is that Missie deals with the same in Belinda but is somehow able to encourage and teach Belinda as Marty did with her. In this new original movie, Missie LaHaye (Erin Cottrell) returns home with her young son after her husband is killed. Great story. Once again, the book plot is much better than the movie. As of today, I have seen all the moves, though I have not read the books. I watched the first four movies on Hallmark Channel and fell in love with the story and characters. Date: Wednesday 30 November, 2011 Excellent movie that my wife and I enjoyed. I think that it was written very well, and the actors playing are exceptional. Reviewed By: Jennifer W Missie is also holding onto her grief over the deaths of her husband and baby daughter. Thank you for such heart-touching movies as these. Higganum, CT. Marty and Clark are surprised beyond belief that Marty is to have another child. Date: Monday 25 March, 2013 1984. After reading all of the Love Comes Softy books, including the Prairie Trilogy as the lives of Marty and Clarks family grows and moves on to different parts of the country, I was saddened that they killed off Willie. Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD That was the only disappointment I had. Reviewed By: Maiya I Marty’s adopted daughter Nandry is bitter and angry at God for taking Clark’s leg. The christian values are there. Every mother and daughter,sister and grandmother should watch this together. All in all it was an ok movie. Where are they in this movie. Obviously there was some flaws, but it was still entertaining and helped continue the story. Love’s Unending Legacy is wrought with bizarre lines, forced dialogue, and unrealistic happenings. I am very glad that I did. Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Reviewed By: Renee H Date: Monday 09 April, 2007 Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!] Like others I do find myself crying during certain parts because it is so meaningful. Watch a preview for "Love's Unending Legacy," starring Erin Cottrell, Dale Midkiff, Victor Browne and Samantha Smith. The fifth installment of the Love Comes Softly series premiers April 7 on The Hallmark Channel. This was an excellent movie. Ma has to learn to live as a widow for the second time. 2. I have the other four on dvd, and I am waiting for this one and any more to come. (no written review given), Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD I am a 50 year old grandmother who sometime feel as thou life as past me by, but the series written by Jeanette Oke give one hope. I cried every night. Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Or not, Marty feels strange and sick for several weeks, unable to guess the cause. The fifth heartwarming movie in Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly saga. Reviewed By: Janet C Reviewed By: Gail H Nandry has to come to terms with her bitterness. Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] While the camera work, video quality, and sound quality are still above par, there are other problems to contend with. I will also continue to look for more of this series and the collection of DVDs. Young, Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Ellie finally finds love. Black Adam Wants Aladdin Star Marwan Kenzari as Sabbac. (no written review given), Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Reviewed By: Lisa B Ma Graham’s husband Ben dies of a sudden heart attack, shocking everyone. Dale Midkiff has played the role of her father Clark in four of the five installments (in Love's Long Journey the character was absent from the story). There is much more content in this novel, but it would take another paragraph like this one to tell of it. “[Dancing] is an excuse to get your arms around a pretty woman” is not exactly a wholesome Christian line. Reviewed By: Brenda M Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Her work and her family are all she lives for, but just as her father discovered in the original film that started this series, there is always a second chance at love. Reviewed By: Carol S ( Log Out /  239 pages. When so many are taking others into their homes and showing love this movie has it all. Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!] They later move out west to live near Missie and Willie. Reviewed By: Amanda L Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!] Very well made and good storyline! Janette Oke. Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] Did he stay behind with Collet? Love's Unending Legacy. 3. love long journey Date: Monday 05 March, 2012 Kate loses hers. In the original series, Missie starts out with a lot of resentment toward Marty but ends up loving and accepting Marty as though she were her real mother. Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!] I can't wait until the dvd comes out. Find Love's Unending Legacy … Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!] Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!] My husband doesn't ordinarily like to watch movies such as these, but even he and my 3-year-old son enjoyed it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Ma has to learn to live as a widow for the second time. Marty feels guilty that her baby was allowed to live while Kate’s died. Date: Monday 03 March, 2014 (no written review given), Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Date: Thursday 02 August, 2012 We may not know why in this life. Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Thank you for this joy. Reviewed By: James R Love's Unending Legacy is the fifth book in Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series. Love's Unending Legacy was a movie that I was really looking forward to as it being another installment to the Love Comes Softly series. Reviewed By: Renee H Especially for Marty! Great story. From award-winning author Janette Oke comes the seventh chapter in the Love Comes Softly series, Love Takes Wing. Reviewed By: Suzan C An Unending Love By Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW In the early 1990’s I happened upon a man whose words captured me from the pages of a book that had literally fallen off the shelf into my waiting hands. Thank you again for uplifting joy and entertainment. I especially relate to Missys mom played by Samanatha as I am a mom with grown children and young grandchildren. Date: Thursday 20 September, 2007 Reviewed By: Maria G Date: Friday 21 November, 2008 Reviewed By: Annie K I'm so glad Dale is in each of the movies. Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!] ( Log Out /  I an excited to watch the this last chapter again for the second time tonight. Love Unending Legacy fill my heart with a feeling that I had been lacking for some time now. Pingback: When Calls the Heart, Season 6 (Series Review) – Box Office Revolution, Pingback: When Calls the Heart, Season 5 (Series Review) – Box Office Revolution. Another subplot of the book tells of Ellie falling in love with Lane, one of Willie’s ranch hands who came for a visit. Love's Unending Legacy premieres Saturday April 7 at 9 P.M. (ET/PT) on The Hallmark Channel. However, Missie's father was with her and supported her through all of the trials. Thank you again She has become pregnant again! Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD I was only disappointed that it jumped around too much. The next movie should tell if she is. Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD Date: Thursday 09 June, 2011 However, her carefully constructed world is disrupted when an orphan train comes to town looking for new parents to take in starving orphans and when Missy finds herself falling for the town sheriff, a broken man who also wants to protect himself from hurt. Reviewed By: Daria C Reviewed By: Lori S It takes a few weeks--if not months--to adjust back into their "normal" routines. Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD I have seen and own the last four to this series and I strongly recommend it to anyone with a family or just wanting to minister to themselves or family. (no written review given). Date: Saturday 23 February, 2013 (no written review given), Title: Loves Unending Legacy #5 - DVD I look forward to seeing the other 5-8 books turned into DVDS. I have seen all 5 movies and have enjoyed them very much. I was wondering too if it is implied that Missys Mother is pregnant. 7. (no written review given). I started to watch love's Unending Legacy and became hooked.

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