- Cloud storage? • Now it was time to install the SkyBell HD app. Motion detection even at its highest setting you pretty much have to be within a few feet of it to detect you the majority of the time. Just in case you're unsure how to install it, here's a link to a video created by Skybell's support. Free Shipping. I can get some Alexa integration but its iffy. One of the best feature is the LED and letters can be any color! There is some delay but not too horrible. Watch. Yes But that was a little disappointing when I think about the life of the product. $147.00. Expires: September 1, 2021 6638 used Verified Screenshot. I opened the app about 15 seconds or so after the motion alert. It has a 1-year warranty. Usually the wires are red and white as was my case and I had no trouble putting them under the screws. Follow. The SkyBell Trim Plus is 4.8" (H) x 1.44" (W) x 1.13" (D) while the Ring Pro is 4.5" (H) x 1.85" (W) x 0.8" (D). Toggle on or off (with low/med/high volume options) -Motion detection was hit or miss Toggle on or off Honestly, you really shouldn't need them. Very simple to setup the app, the app walks you through it step by step. The image quality is good. You can not download videos SKYBELL Trim Plus provides a full 180 viewing angle and full color night vision. To complete the setup, I downloaded the app “SkyBell HD”. Let’s explore how the SkyBell HD and the SkyBell Trim Plus compare. Voir les détails, Clientes internacionales pueden comparer en www.bestbuy.com y enviar sus pedidos a cualquier domicilio o tienda en EE. What can I check to make sure? The only problem I had in the whole installation was tightening the bottom set screw to hold on the face of the doorbell. I also glitched out on the viewing side while testing out the live video feed. I can see a visitor at night in full color HD. - Notify on doorbell push? I just had to screw them into a wood part of my door. SKYBELL provides both a drill bit for brick and a small screwdriver. - Account Settings: This screen also includes installation video link, FAQ and Support info. Yes (infinite options) I have a 15yo house with a standard doorbell, but if course both of my wires were white so I had concerns about which wire goes where. I would definitely spend the few extra dollars and get one of the more popular devices out there on the market. SUMMARY: The doorbell should be a green color when you’re done, as opposed to the flashing orange and green. I already had a wired doorbell so my setup took less than 10 minutes. Not a huge deal but also not "instantaneously available" history. They SkyBell HD Trim Plus is a good, entry-level stand-alone video doorbell that is easy to physically install and fairly simple to configure on your smart device. little lag with my setup (picture of the connection status attached) SKYBELL | TRIM PLUS. The SkyBell Trim Plus Smart Wifi with Video is a great tech product that is easy to setup. Toggle on or off - Live View: Allows you to see your doorbell camera live and talk to anyone outside. Our original doorbell was installed in the middle 1990s. A video clip is recorded any time the button is pressed or motion is sensed. Setup was easy with the SKYBELL HD app which I downloaded to my Apple Phone and used the IOS operating system. - Add multiple devices to app? If so can audio recording be turned off, while still being able to talk back and forth with the person at the door? From the app you select the skybell from your phone WiFi. Make sure the wires are tucked out of the way on the mounting plate, otherwise when you go to screw the doorbell on, it won’t fit in easily. It may cost a few dollars less than more popular versions of this product. Monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from the app. The SkyBell TRIM plus is an alternative to other brands of smart doorbells, RING, Nest, Arlo, etc. Buy online at Absolute Automation with free shipping. What can I check to make sure? - Rename device? Using the SkyBell HD app I was supposed to connect the SkyBell doorbell to my network on my Android smartphone. If so what would it take. HD Video. It took a few tries to connect but it did. leave a review, Honeywell Skybell Trim Video Doorbell Silver, Honeywell Skybell Trim Video Doorbell Bronze, Optex iVision+ Connect IVPC-DM Video Doorbell Intercom with 7 Inch LCD, Seco-Larm SL-DP-266-1C3Q Enforcer Wireless Video Door Phone. Overview: I had to reposition my wires a few times, when you tighten the small screws, it tends to move the wire to where you don’t want it (see photos). -No storage fees I got a fast orange at first. ... 2 product ratings - SkyBell Trim Plus, Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, Silver + Digital Doorbell Adapter. The SkyBell ringer flashed red/green meaning it was not connected to the network. I can’t say getting it to work on my Android phone fun was just as easy. If this is something you would like to use, you have that option. Enter your information below to request a dealer account with us. UU. I really like that feature. The setup was very easy and they even had a video setup. Requires you create an account. CONS HD Video. You really need a philips head screwdriver so why the flat head. This is a good product, its much less expensive than some other comparable devices with no monthly service fees. In my case the 180-degree viewing angle is limited to the left of the viewing as the door frame where I installed the video doorbell is set back and the brick veneer obstructs some of the viewing. This product is another line of the ever growing video doorbell craze. Sometimes strong weather set off the motion sensor. The video doorbell has all the key features you need assuming you are not trying to integrate with a whole-house monitoring system. After that I put two screws through the plate. I like this doorbell a lot, I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone shopping for a smart doorbell. It uses passive infrared, so in the Texas heat I wonder how well this will work. Nonetheless, it did not prevent me from seeing who was out there or what was going on. -Night Vision was good I have experienced some lag with prepping the recorded video for the history tab. Very few. Video has a 720p/1080p resolution and a 5x zoom technology. It is 4.8” tall, 1.44” wide, 1.13” deep and weighs in at 2.0 oz. SkyBell HD. FEATURES It was a simple two wire install and I connected the black and white wires the same as in the setup picture and other then my connection issues everything installed just fine. All rights reserved. You must have separate independent doorbell for each configuration. It is not hard to do at all. great picture I found the motion sensor to work well and consistent, when we walk out the front door, it’ll pick up the movement and send an alert letting you know motion has been detected. -Video quality is just ok I have not found a way to update it on my own. The door bell itself is not metal it is plastic but they did a good job making it appear like a brushed metal. For example, I got an alert that the device detected motion activity. red on left, white on right...or vice versa?). $149.00. I believe you get 7 days free of cloud space. Five Star Cable UL Listed 100-240V AC to 12VDC 0.5A 500mA CCTV Camera Power Supply AC to DC Switching Power Adapter. The sound quality was just okay for me. Remember to get rare this offer: Up to 20% off your order within its limited time. I am very satisfied with the SkyBell HD Trim Plus after just a couple days of using it. This is where some of the criticism is, while it claims to be Alexa enabled, you can’t see the camera on your Alexa Show! It shows how to connect the resistor when using a power supply. or … My kids came home, rang the bell, I was able to speak to them via the app. The app allows you to adjust the sensitivity on the motion sensor, I have it set on “Medium”. you cant see who is at the door without them knowing or seeing the lights come on. You can quickly view live video from the app. OVERALL - Night vision? Are SkyBells shipped with CE Marking - Declaration of Conformity? yes. As long as you have a wi-fi good connection on both ends , it will work no matter how far you are. I still was not able to connect. It still looks high tech and I am overall happy with the product even though it is actually plastic. The Alexa app can do things such as turn on quiet mode, take a snapshot, or take a video.

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