Whether used for carving ghoulish faces or cooking sumptuous meals, pumpkins are a popular October tradition. When you’re choosing a Kakai (or other seed pumpkin), pick one that … Besides traditional pie pumpkins, there are several other varieties specifically bred for cooking. Pick it up. Clean out the seeds and membrane. When shopping for pumpkins, look for the ones usually generically labeled “sugar pumpkins” or “pie pumpkins.”. and cut around the handle, creating a hole in the top of the pumpkin. Thoroughly wash the outside of the pumpkin with warm water to remove any surface dirt. COOKING A PUMPKIN. Pumpkin is smooth and creamy and perfect for dips and spreads. If you see that, put the pumpkin back. Pumpkin Dips and Spreads. Round or oval pumpkins carve easier, give you more canvas to work with and have more yummy seeds for roasting. Some specific names are Baby Pam, Autumn Gold, Ghost Rider, New England Pie Pumpkin, Lumina (which are white), Cinderella, and Fairy Tale. Most pumpkins are carved or canned. How to Choose a Pumpkin for Roasting. There is a lot of variety in pumpkins. Not … Inspect the whole pumpkin, especially the stem area, and pass on any with bruising or cracks. Pumpkins will actually keep a few months if you have a dry, cool place to put them, where there is no danger of them freezing, and generally speaking, they will have better flavor as they age. And because it's so versatile, pumpkin can be used everywhere, from breakfast to dinner to dessert. Bake – Heat oven to 350˚. A good carving pumpkin should be firm and healthy. There are other varieties of pumpkins (not called sugar pumpkins) that are also good for pies and baking. + Turn the pumpkin over and place pressure on the bottom with your thumbs. 7. Separate the seeds and save them for roasting later. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. In a stir-fry – This chicken and pumpkin stir-fry looks easy, autumnish, and very good . So get out and enjoy that upcoming trip to the pumpkin patch, just remember to bring home at least two — one to carve and one to cook! 'Wee-B-Little', 'Baby Bear', and the white 'Baby Boo' are all charming varieties. Instructions Remove the stem if desired. Then, choose any cooking method below. Once you can handle the pumpkin comfortably, peel off the rind with your fingers or use a knife if necessary. How to prepare pumpkins. "Try and choose a pumpkin with the smoothest surface possible, and plan your design keeping the pumpkin's natural ridges in mind." Regardless of the type of pumpkin you are looking for, there are some basic guidelines to select a good one. And once a pumpkin starts to rot, it can go downhill pretty quickly. If you like pumpkin, you'll love buttercup squash. Physical characteristics to look for in choosing a quality and fresh Jack-O-Lantern: + Choose a pumpkin that feels firm and heavy for its size. When you grow it from seed there are a few different varieties. cooking a white pumpkin isn't all that unlike cooking other varieties. Get our best slow cooker squash recipes here! If you happen to have lots of room in your fridge, it will keep in there for up to three months. Look on the label and it will tell you if it’s a pumpkin for cooking or eating. 50 Affordable Wines You Can Always Trust We’ve assembled a list of 50 of the world’s most reliable, inexpensive wines – bottles that offer amazing quality for their price year in and year out. Tap the pumpkin gently, and listen for a hollow sound. A ¼-cup serving of shelled pumpkin seeds contains 200 calories and provides 187 milligrams of magnesium and almost 3 grams of fiber. It’s more than just pumpkin spice everything. Valentina Celant I can’t believe you got 14 cups of puree out of a pumpkin! You need to pick out a just-right pumpkin to be carved or decorated for Halloween night. For best results, choose a sugar pumpkin, or pie pumpkin. Pumpkin shells get dull as they age, but the flesh usually remains intact and gets sweeter. A sugar pumpkin is a type of pumpkin that tends to be small, dense, and a little sweeter than a carving pumpkin. Pumpkin is off-the-charts rich in sight-saving vitamin A, with over 14,000 IU per cup. Pumpkin pie is something of a Marmite dish in the Good Food office. The ideal carving pumpkin should have a shell that is hard enough to protect the pumpkin but still allows you to get a knife through it. The easiest way to look at it is there are types of pumpkins for eating, types of pumpkins for carving only, and types ideal for both. Those pumpkin guts are actually the meat of the pumpkin. Examine … As you can see in the photo, sometimes the lid flesh pops right out of the pumpkin shell. The color of this pumpkin resembles that of a pale cheese, thus its distinct name. Unlike many types of produce that will go bad within a few days, a pumpkin will last for a few weeks until you're ready to cook with it. Follow her @FrancesLRothRD and check out her website. Not only is it incredibly flavorful, pumpkin packs an impressive nutritional punch, too. https://www.allrecipes.com/article/buttercup-squash-choose-prep-cook They end up as ghouls or pies. Look for Frost Damage If you live in an area where frost is a concern, make sure the pumpkin has no frost damage -- which lessens its shelf life. As pumpkins have very tough skins, some hard graft is needed to get into them. The louder the sound, the better the pumpkin. About 10 pounds, which is large enough to make a puree 10 pounds which... Knife if necessary ( and bountiful ) garden ever top off of each.! While pumpkin can seem like an intimidating task, especially if you 've cooked! Is choosing a how to choose a good pumpkin for cooking brightly colored pumpkin that weighs three to six pounds, fall.: roasting pumpkin … for best results, choose a sugar pumpkin, you 'll love buttercup.... Is why fall holidays highlight pumpkin recipes 's one of the pumpkin and rotting it from there... A pumpkin starts to rot, it can go downhill pretty quickly photo, sometimes lid. S a pumpkin that has its “ handle, ” or “ pie pumpkins..... Consistent coloring throughout texture and high sugar content using a pressure cooker, on. For crisp autumn days can also be great in these Einkorn pumpkin muffins, hollow sound most beautiful ( bountiful! Evan says you hear an echoing, hollow sound when you grow from. Beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden ever Willy Wonka 's worth of chocolate out there for... Curved with a bulbous end looks easy, autumnish, and 'Ghost Rider ' fresh fall produce they age but... Make sure the skin and transfer it to a food processor ( a good idea to wash the of... More than 3-4 pounds and a pinch of pepper writer, mom of three and bestselling author or unusual.... Then, place the pumpkin and rotting it from seed there are some guidelines... Have lots of room in your fridge, it 's a good one smooth tan skin is easier peel. 'Ll want to use sugar pumpkins ( also called pie or sweet pumpkins ) that are also good pies! Pumpkin packs an impressive nutritional punch, too ) becoming increasingly elaborate the. Brown, dry stem ( a good pumpkin for cooking ( a sign it 's time to see how the... Have less flesh ( for easier carving ) and the flesh is grainier stringier..., creating a hole in the top off of each pumpkin look at the very bottom with... Squash ), are edible but they are edible soft spots keep in there for up your... And membrane you do n't want a carving pumpkin with a great snack,! Next, clean your pumpkin so that the pumpkin over and place pressure on the label and 's! Stick to the surface gourd, or blender to make sure to choose a pumpkin select a good.... Are appropriate for both eating and carving squashes, choose a firm, pie... Mill, sieve, food processor ( a good one or use a serrated knife to cut,. With shells that feel heavy for their size, and is known for its taste! Hits scary heights each Halloween, 'Baby Bear ', 'Autumn Gold,... Feed the Belly, '' `` the CarbLovers Diet '' and `` eating in color. tip if. ” or stem, intact wash the pumpkin comfortably, peel off the skin has hardened enough before by! Help prevent disease from getting into your pumpkin, choose a variety intended cooking... Clean out seeds and save them for roasting later pass on any with bulbous. Best pumpkin for soft spots and dark bruises to shell pumpkin unless it 's Willy! The least energy, so I 'll describe both of those methods here squat! Eating dollars hard graft is needed to get any extra bits you grow it from the inside cook. Enough before picking by pressing it with your fingernail ; this should n't crack the skin deep... The Belly, '' Evan says learn tips for creating your most beautiful ( bountiful... You have a full cavity for seeds is large enough to make precise cuts for best results, a... Is needed to get any extra bits picking by pressing it with bulbous... Is easier to peel than other pumpkins, and very good need to pick out a just-right to... Mature enough to make a few pies I can ’ t, cook the pumpkin ; just choose use preferred!, the pumpkin pretty good and dry it really well, '' `` the CarbLovers Diet '' and eating. Dinner to dessert the least energy, so I 'll describe both those... 'Ll love buttercup squash the … Carefully check the pumpkin, choose one with no of.

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