And I think the chances of her being beaten are pretty good.”. Those numbers are disconcerting if voters identify Collins more closely with the president than Maine. She’s the one person I work with all the time,” Manchin said. A premier meetup between two top college football teams set for Saturday has been rescheduled for December following a surge in positive COVID-19 tests on one team. Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in 2020, stands in front of solar panels during a tour of ReVision Energy in South Portland in August. Paused trial shows that fearmongering over 'Trump vaccine' was both dumb and harmful, Tucker Carlson says Mazie Hirono is 'America's dumbest senator', Obama cautions liberals hoping to push hypothetical Biden administration further to the left, Third Mueller scope memo shows Rosenstein confirmed investigative authority at special counsel’s request, Twitter CEO says company communication to justify mass censorship of, Three polls in a row put Biden ahead of Trump in Georgia, Amazon rejects Shelby Steele's Michael Brown documentary for not "meeting content quality expectations", Tesla stock rallies on Musk announcement of $69,420 price for Model S, ‘New Illinois’ group prepares to declare independence from Illinois on Saturday, 'Censorship should be condemned': Kayleigh McEnany rips Twitter after it locked her out of personal account, As Ohio surpasses 5,000 coronavirus deaths, governor says state's residents to decide what happens next, Florida-LSU game postponed amid spike in positive tests for COVID-19, Europe grapples with renewed restrictions as cases climb. Trump's approval is also deeply underwater — 36% to 56%. Perhaps more troubling for Collins? The Trump Era has frustrated a senator known for rigorous research, mild manners and a belief the Senate can still solve problems. All rights reserved. “Residents have rights,” the post said. A whole lot more. That figure represents a slight slip from a four-point deficit in last month's Public Policy Poll. Collins herself has no real relationship with the president, though she speaks with his daughter Ivanka Trump on topics like family leave and apprenticeships. Sara Gideon is running for Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins in one of the nation's most competitive races. Collins' advertising efforts have leaned heavily on video testimonials from Maine voters, but a recent Salon report revealed that more than 20 of those testimonials, packaged as "regular" Mainers, came from current or former elected Republican officials and Collins staffers. Missing out on the latest scoops? But Trump's polarity gives Gideon an opening. More than anything, Collins resents the notion that she hasn’t stood up to the president. After the Maine legislature passed emergency measures and suspended its session in March, Gideon has used time during the coronavirus pandemic to target Senate Republicans and the incumbent she is challenging, Republican Sen. Susan Collins. A May post by the law firm specifically referenced nonprofit retirement network Maine Veterans’ Homes. A financial disclosure filed in October shows that her husband has a stake in a limited partnership in Berman & Simmons valued between $250,001 and $500,000. Gideon co-sponsored neither one. The same source also told Salon that a series of unproductive discussions with Trump at the White House last month raised serious concerns about the president's commitment and electability, leading the Republican Party to shift to a Collins-centric strategy in Maine. I believe she’s a good senator.”. Because Maine is a nuanced state which historically prides itself on its political independence, Collins' fate may be tied closer to voters' view of the state. As Ohio COVID-19 positive cases continue to rise, Ohio Gov. Politics In a Maine Senate Race Debate, Susan Collins Struggles to Distance Herself from Trump She did ask Sara Gideon, her challenger, one question Gideon couldn’t answer. Twitter locked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany out of her personal account for sharing a story from the New York Post on Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, she said Wednesday. “I have literally a line of people waiting to talk to me about: ‘Could you co-sponsor this bill, could you sign this letter?’” she said. But he drew a parallel to another famous Maine Republican senator, not entirely favorable. But there’s a political price that comes with that,” acknowledged Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.). Collins hasn’t officially announced her campaign, though it would take a seismic event for her not to run. Republican strategists say they have her above 50 percent but acknowledge her unfavorables are up. “I practically had to bite my tongue in two to avoid saying: ‘They do like you Mr. President, but they liked me better.’”. Faced with a cavalcade of challenges, Collins is projecting confidence while balancing her meticulous senatorial approach with an unmistakable shift into campaign mode. “People are hungry for real policy and they’re hungry for real ideas.”, But national Democrats argue Gideon has put the race on the map as much as Trump, with DSCC Chairwoman Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) calling her “a tremendous candidate.”. “I can’t believe everyone’s so damn hypocritical. It was not particularly subtle. Mike DeWine said Tuesday it will be up to the people if the state remains open as the winter months approach. There are around 156 state veterans’ homes across the country, but unlike those in other states, the six veterans’ homes in Maine largely acts as part of an independent nonprofit group and does not receive state funding for construction projects or other upgrades. That means Collins probably needs thousands of voters to split their tickets. “Any vote to put Mitch McConnell in the leader’s chair is a vote to stifle climate action, period, end of story. Collins’ strategy appeals to the middle. Embattled Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine trails Democratic rival Sara Gideon by eight points among registered voters in a new Bangor Daily News poll. These voters are decidedly not on Twitter fuming about their senator. Never. It failed in committee due in part to arguments from Maine Veterans’ Homes that it would create “unnecessary and unreasonable staffing mandates above those required of other facilities,” but the home supported the increased reimbursement provision. Eager to avoid the GOP’s “socialist” label, she won’t explicitly endorse Medicare for All or the Green New Deal but says climate change and universal health care access are priorities. President Donald Trump is targeting Maine as a battleground while his divisive politics has cleaved the state in two, and Collins has to share the ticket with him. Susan Collins is running for a fifth term. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has endorsed Maine's Sara Gideon. No one should take Gideon seriously when she proclaims to believe in women having the “right to safely make” health care decisions and repealing “outdated” laws until she gets behind a ban on female genital mutilation. And I think that is worth repeating and remembering,” Gideon said over coffee in left-leaning Portland. Republicans harbor long-shot hopes that the Democratic primary gets ugly, aiming to elevate Sweet and put Gideon at odds with liberals. Collins, one of two true GOP moderates along with Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, is hyperfocused on Maine issues as the chairwoman of the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging (demographically, Maine is the oldest state) and is often a lonely, if reserved, critic of Trump. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. It’s also the heart of Collins’s support. Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who endorsed Collins in 2014, won’t say whether he will do so again. Collins adds: “I have never seen the far left as energized.". The Cook Political Report currently marks both races as toss-ups. “These include the right to live in a place that takes all steps to protect them from exposure to COVID-19. On the national front, the poll shows presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a comfortable lead over President Donald Trump — 44% to 36%. Yet Gideon isn’t firm on hot-button issues herself. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) endorsed Collins, earning himself an angry call from Schumer. In recent op-eds, she has criticized Republicans in the U.S. Senate for appointing judges amid the pandemic and the Trump administration for declining to flex power with the Defense Production Act. National Democrats, meanwhile, are backing Sara Gideon as her likely opponent, a battle-tested statehouse speaker who raised more than $1 million in the week after her launch. A documentary on race relations written by Hoover Institution senior fellow Shelby Steele was allegedly deemed “not eligible for publishing” by Amazon because it doesn’t mean the company’s “quality expectations.”. 21,335 talking about this. Projected to be the most expensive in Maine’s history, the race is of imperative importance for party leaders and the Senate institution itself. Spending in the state supports this revelation. The feeling there: Collins is toast. Berman & Simmons, the personal injury law firm where the Senate candidate’s husband Benjamin Gideon is a partner, started publishing blog posts earlier this year about whether people can sue for exposure to the coronavirus, and encouraged readers to contact the firm’s attorneys for a consultation. Although increased content moderation and trigger warnings have slowly taken over both sites, they may have just opened the floodgates to Republican rule over the internet. Rep. Tom Allen (D-Maine), whom Collins handily dispatched in 2008, admitted she maintains an edge despite the massive national campaign against her. Mom. She’s confident Kavanaugh will not strike down the entire law, which could fundamentally alter the race. A prime example: moderate Democratic Rep. Jared Golden, a former Collins staffer, will stay neutral in the race. A sizable chunk of Republican efforts are now aiming to divorce Collins from Trump in the minds of voters without alienating enthusiasm from the Trump crowd. Collins and her team see Gideon as a hypocrite on big money in politics and are ready to whack her for corporate donations and a campaign finance violation. “Careful, try not to say too much, don’t ruffle any feathers,” Sweet said of Gideon. For Collins to win a fifth term, she needs Mainers to again like her more than the current White House occupant. Txt HELP for help, STOP to end. Associated Press articles: Copyright © 2016 The Associated Press. “We’re paying a lot of attention to it. Gideon’s husband has been part of the organization’s Nursing Home Litigation group. Sara Gideon is running for Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins in one of the nation's most competitive races. For those who truly hate the president, I’m never going to be able to do enough for them,” Collins said between bites of banh mi, which she frugally tucks into a to-go container before hurrying to a paper mill reopening.

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